Marvelous Melba: the extraordinary life of a great Diva - by Ann Blainey. The US edition of the winner of the Australian National Biography prize 2009.

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Fanny & Adelaide - the previous book by Ann Blainey. A study of the lives of the Kemble sisters. Stars of stage and Opera who led lives that stretched from the salons of Europe to the plantations of the ante bellum South.

The Farthing Poet : A Biography of Richard Hengist Horne - A lesser Literary Lion - unknown today but celebrated in the 1840's. Horne was famous for his epic poem 'Orion' which sold for a farthing. He had an adevturous life and mixed with the greats of literature and the arts. This is a fine backgrounder to the mid -nineteenth century literary world.    

Immortal Boy :a portrait of Leigh Hunt - known more for his criticism than his original works. His embittered life which seems a failure had him acquainted with Bentham, Hazlitt, Byron, Keats, Shelley and later Dickens and Carlyle.    

If God Prospers Me : a portrait of Frederick John Cato - entrepreneur, influential Methodist layman and much loved by his family and community.     
  The 1907 London Recordings of Melba in the 'Naxos' collection. Probably the best of the CD's made of Melba's recordings.    
  The Gramaphone Company recordings of Melba